2 hours Drive

Ideal for those without experience but curious about driving a 4×4 adventure.

3 Hours Drive

Enjoy the Carara National Park surroundings in this 3 hrs drive adventure.

4 Hours Drive

A Buggy drive adventure where the participants get the best of the jungle experience.

Buggy Tour in Jaco Beach and the surroundings

Best of the Central Pacific of Costa Rica

2 hours Buggy Tour

From $149.00 2pax included

Available each hour from 8am to 3pm

Different routes for different weather conditions

Transmission: Automatic

3 hours Buggy Tour

From $189.00 2pax included

Available each hour from 8am to 2pm

Different routes for different weather conditions

Transmission: Automatic

4 hours Buggy Tour

From $259.00 2pax included

Available each hour from 8am to 1:pm

Different routes for different weather conditions

Transmission: Automatic

Short Description

All our tours take place on the Jungle trails around the Carara National Park. Where we have our private property.

First, we drive up to the mountain summit where we take pics of the landscape with an ocean view. Then we drive down to cross the river several times and visit a beach, and a local village, before getting back to our operation center.

We pick you up at Jaco Beach, Punta Leona, Tarcoles, and the surroundings for only $5.00 USD.


  • Local Certified Guides
  • Bottles of water
  • Equipment for ATVs (includes helmet and reflective strap)
  • Insurance


Closed-toed shoes (sneakers, etc.)
Comfortable clothing
Extra Clothes
Bug spray

No pregnant will be allowed

License Policies

All drivers must hold a driver's license. Driver's permits from several countries are allowed by law in Costa Rica. This is regularly used by minors from USA, UK, Canada, and EU.

Credit Card is required

All vehicles require to be protected in case of damage, this is why you will be asked to present a Credit Card, the amount to behold will depend on your driving skills, and it will be from $200 to $500.

The hold will be released once the tour finish and usually take minutes to be available on your account.

Cancelation Policy

You can cancel the activity 24hrs prior to your tour start time and receive a 100% refund.

The refund usually takes from 1 to 3 business days to reach your account. This depends on your bank.

Kids Policy

Children are welcome as long as they are accompanied by their legal guardian or parents.

The minimum age to be a companion on an ATV is 10 years.

If your child is under 10 years old, book a Buggy tour where even children as young as 1 can ride using an appropriate seat. We will provide it.

Weather conditions

What is bad for some is great for others!

We operate the tour during the rainy season and sometimes is when we get the best comments and reviews.

We vary our routes to always offer safety and a good experience.

Jacqueline Chaves
Jacqueline Chaves
El lugar es muy tranquilo y lindo. Todos dan una cálida atención. El desayuno es delicioso. Y el canopy súper entretenido porque los guías son muy buenos conversadores y simpáticos✨.
C Yanni
C Yanni
Very good experience!
Ariel Goldgewicht
Ariel Goldgewicht
Excelente servicio y el canopy espectacular! Muchas gracias a Amalia, María Paula y Joseph
Samuel JA
Samuel JA
Excelente lugar. Falta atención a detalles en el hospedaje. El personal es muy atento.
Amelia Branson
Amelia Branson
Great experience! Lots of rope lines to go on! worth every penny, highly recommend!!!
minor Cubero
minor Cubero
Excelente Tour en Capopy, divertido, los guías Diego y Amalia super amables
Dulla Bop
Dulla Bop
Anna Smith
Anna Smith
Amazing, incredible experience. Diego and Amalia were so professional and also made the experience super fun. 10/10 recommend. Don’t come to Costa Rica and skip this adventure. Not only was the adventure one of a kind but Diego took the time to point out wild Macaws and indigenous plants we wouldn’t have otherwise seen. Cannot recommend this company highly enough. Thank you from Anna and Britny!!!

Why Choose a Buggy or Side-by-Side Tour around Carara National Park?

Embarking on a buggy or side-by-side tour around Carara National Park offers an exhilarating and immersive adventure, allowing you to explore the captivating beauty and rich biodiversity of the area in a unique way. Discover the reasons why this experience is truly exceptional:

1. Access to Remote Areas

With a buggy or side-by-side vehicle, you can venture deep into the heart of Carara National Park, accessing remote and untouched areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. Navigate through dense forests, conquer rugged terrains, and conquer challenging trails, experiencing the thrill of off-road exploration.

2. Thrilling Off-Road Adventure

Feel the adrenaline rush as you ride through Carara National Park in a buggy or side-by-side vehicle. Conquer muddy paths, tackle uneven terrains, and overcome natural obstacles, adding an exciting element of adventure to your exploration. Brace yourself for an unforgettable off-road experience that will get your heart racing.

3. Wildlife Encounters

Carara National Park is renowned for its incredible wildlife, including a variety of bird species such as scarlet macaws, toucans, and trogons. During your buggy or side-by-side tour, keep a keen eye out for these stunning creatures in their natural habitat. You may also have the opportunity to spot monkeys, sloths, and reptiles, adding an extra layer of wildlife-watching excitement to your adventure.

4. Scenic Beauty

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of Carara National Park as you ride in a buggy or side-by-side vehicle. Marvel at the lush forests, pristine rivers, and awe-inspiring viewpoints that dot the park’s terrain. From panoramic vistas to serene riverbanks and picturesque waterfalls, the natural beauty of Carara National Park will leave you in awe at every turn.

Why Choose Carara Adventures Park for Your Buggy or Side-by-Side Tour?

When selecting a tour operator for your buggy or side-by-side adventure, Carara Adventures Park offers several compelling reasons to choose them:

1. Experienced Guides

Carara Adventures Park boasts knowledgeable and experienced guides who are well-acquainted with the park’s trails and wildlife. Their expertise enhances your tour, providing valuable insights, ensuring your safety, and increasing your chances of encountering wildlife along the way.

2. Well-Maintained Vehicles

At Carara Adventures Park, you can rely on well-maintained and reliable buggies or side-by-side vehicles. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride without any interruptions caused by mechanical issues, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the adventure and the stunning surroundings.

3. Safety Measures

Your safety is of utmost importance at Carara Adventures Park. The tour operator ensures that you are equipped with the necessary safety gear and provides comprehensive briefings on operating the buggies or side-by-side vehicles. They also provide clear guidelines to follow during the tour, ensuring a safe and worry-free experience.

4. Local Expertise

Carara Adventures Park offers more than just a buggy or side-by-side tour. Their knowledgeable staff can provide insights into the local culture, history, and ecology of the area, enriching your experience with fascinating stories and interesting facts about Carara National Park and its surroundings.

Choose a buggy or side-by-side tour with Carara Adventures Park and immerse yourself in the thrilling off-road adventure, breathtaking scenery, and incredible wildlife of Carara National Park. It’s an experience that will leave you with lifelong memories.

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